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Mike Parilla Panelist at The U.S. CLO Roadshow Series in Chicago, August 10th

July 2022

Michael Parilla will be a Panelist at CLO Roadshow

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Investing in Middle Market CLOs: A Relative Value Analysis

Chicago, Mayer Brown HQ

Key Considerations for Investing in Middle Market CLOs:  - 4:30 - 5:15 PM CDT.

  • What differing considerations should investors take in account for the middle market sector vs. BSL CLOs?  MM vs. BSL: relative value analysis
  • Is the illiquidity of the assets and the CLO paper cause for concern, or opportunity?
  • Is the spread premium on MM CLOs merited?
  • Key distinguishing characteristics for managers: investment ethos, industry vertical (i.e. Healthcare versus Technology)
  • Debt and equity investor perspectives on spread adjustment in the LIBOR to SOFR transition
  • NRSRO Ratings: can AAA investors comfortable with only one rating, or a rating from a newer entrant to the Middle Market ratings landscape?

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